Learning Your Audience

People are almost always moving so keep that in mind when creating a banner or sign.  Also when they are out and about their purpose for being out is not so they can read signs.  No one says, “Hey I think I go read some signs today.”  So what should you do about this?  

To begin with start thinking like a “sign reader”.  Think about what the people who see your sign will be doing.  That will probably help you place the sign properly.  It may help you come up with the kind of message to put on it.  Certainly it will help you get a better end result.

There are people who do this professionally you know.  They stand behind signs or near sign and they watch the people who come by the sign.  They jot down notes like:

    Did the person look at the sign?

    Was it a glance or did they read it?

    How long did they look at the sign?


Things to Ask When Deciding Sign Placement and Messaging 

These are just a few of the many notes sign watcher jot down.  You probably don’t want to go to the expense of hiring an outside firm to “test” the results of your banner or sign.  But this article can help you make sure the sign or banner you are creating gets the right job done.

So now that you have a place for a sign and with all the competition for space today finding a place to even put a banner or sign is not easy.  Here are some more questions to ask that will help you create a better message and put that message in the right place.

  1. What will the customer be doing when they view the sign?

  2. What direction would they most likely be looking when moving through a certain area?      

  3. Will they be sitting, standing, walking or even rushing?

  4. Is there something going on in this area that could be influencing their thinking so our message should play off of that?

  5. Is there something you could communicate with them as they leave the area, church or store?

Just because you need to put up a sign and you have a space does not mean you put a sign there.  I hope by thinking about the questions above you can see that putting up a banner or sign is more than just finding a spot.

I know you may be thinking,” Hey Steve, I just want to put up a sign.  I don’t want a course in Signology.”  (I just invented that word, you like it ☺)  Okay but here is an example to help illustrate the importance of thinking about sign usage and placement.

How We Maximize Walk-In Visits With Sign Placement

When someone comes into my Printing Business we often will work up an estimate for them.  So they are standing or sitting for a few minutes.  It would be smart for me to observe what they do while waiting.  If I can determine some places their eyes might naturally go I can think about putting a sign there.  I know that is quite simple and logical but you would be surprised how many people do not consider that when placing a sign.  [BTW we also invested in a low cost TV and mounted it on the wall with a rolling message of our products.]  You should pay attention to this because a few feet one way or the other can be disastrous for results.  After reading this blog you will start to notice this when you walk into an area that has signs.  It won’t be long before you are hooked on this process.  Go ahead and thank me!!!  [You know I founded Humility Anonymous]  Actually I got a lot of my information from reading a book called Why We Buy by Paco Underhill.

Keeping Your Message Short and Sweet

What about outside banners?  I bet you get the biggest message – SHORT.  If people are driving by a message like, “Come in to get our FREE Checking account and save.”  Is not as good as FREE CHECKING.  The exception to this would be a sign at a stop light and then a more detailed message may make sense. So are we all together here?  We have to put ourselves in the place and mind of the customer/shopper.

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