Why Market Your Brand/Company With Custom Stickers?

Stickers are not just for kids anymore.  One of the most effective and economical means of advertising, stickers are an under-utilized advertising product you should use to stand out in the crowd.  Who doesn’t like a sticker?  As children we spent hours playing with stickers our parents bought for us or we used the stickers from book publishers and record companies sent out with direct mail.  (Okay so I’m old mentioning records).   The best thing about custom stickers is that they are completely customizable, you can make them in all sizes, shapes and colors. Stickers can be used for indoor and outdoor projects.  They just set things off in a great way.  Use stickers to promote everything and add a special WOW factor to your effort.

Stickers get noticed because they “stick” out.  You put them on your clothing, your phone, your note books, your car, your "everything".  They are just so cool to hand out and who wouldn’t want a sticker.

How Stickers Have Changed Over the Years

In the past, stickers were less flexible.  You had to be careful what you put them on, they were not weather resistant.  That has all changed with stickers being made with vinyl, different kinds of paper, even plastic.  So ease of use has made stickers increase in popularity.  You can even get a sticker with a certain smell.  No kidding!

Now the manufacturing channel has been using stickers for years, (sometimes called labels).  They have utilized stickers for all of their products and can verify the service that stickers provide as a means to communicate needed information.  Savvy business owners are taking that concept to new levels by using stickers to promote events, new products and raising awareness. 

Ask Your Print Shop About Using Stickers for Your Next Marketing Campaign

When deciding on your next marketing campaign or event, think STICKERS and see how many different ways you can utilize stickers for your project.  I think you will find immediate acceptance and enthusiasm surrounding the use of stickers.  Let your printing shop help you with ideas since they have examples of how other businesses and organizations are utilizing stickers to promote their brand.

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