Postcards remain an effective and economical way to get your marketing message out.

We help people with postcards all the time by designing them, printing and mailing them.  Over the years I’ve noticed some common mistakes.  We try to help people avoid them depending on when we get involved in the process.  Here are the four mistakes to avoid:

1.Put your message on both sides of the postcard

The address side is the side most readers will see first.  If you only put the address on the “backside” then your reader will not get the full intended value and you will have wasted your money.

2.Do not use a label

Labels cry out “junk mail” or mass mail and that means WASTE BASKET mail.  Have the person’s address printed on the postcard.  TIP: Ask for a handwritten font to make it look like the address was handwritten on the postcard.

3.Put a compelling headline on both sides of the card.

People will only glance at your postcard.  So make your headline so compelling that they have to keep reading.  If you need help with headlines be sure and get my 25 Best Headlines to give you some idea starters.

4.Give a clear and direct Call to Action (also known as what to do next message)

People need to know what to do.  It is your responsibility to tell them or probably better ask them to take a specific action.  Think about this from the customer’s point of view and make it easy for them to go to the next step.  There are so many things you can do with a CTA (call to action) my Call to Action Tips will help you there.

So I hope the 4 things to avoid when mailing a postcard will help you get the most value from your next postcard mailing.  Giving you valuable information is our way of differentiating DPI Printing & Mailing from our competitors.  Sure we can just do the job and keep our mouths shut but why not help.  Don’t you give people the benefit of your knowledge when they do business with you?  

We are the same way.  Plus we just tell people if they are not happy with our work they don’t have to pay.  I hate hassles and if someone doesn’t feel I’ve been fair with them then I just fix it or give them their money back.  End of story, life is easier that way.

You be good and remember you are not in the product and service business you are in the marketing of your product and service business.  There is a difference; it has to do with the number of zeros on your paycheck.

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