Wages are the single highest cost for businesses today. When the time it takes to complete a task is shortened, it’s a big win.
As an example, below is a chart of the multiple steps most companies take to order business cards, one of the most frequent print ordering tasks.

The normal Priniting proccess.png

This archaic and micro-managed effort is just the way most companies assume business cards are ordered, but it doesn’t have to be that way. DPI Printing has invested in software to make the task of ordering business cards easier. This saves an enormous amount of time and in most cases can reduce the cost of the cards.  

Ordering business cards the DPI way:

  1. The individual who needs cards goes to the company’s online ordering page and fills in the blanks for their company’s business cards
  2. The company print buyer reviews the order online and approve it

  3. It’s automatically sent to the printing company

Our ability to reduce 9 to 13 steps down to 2 or 3 is one of the reasons DPI has more 5 star Google Reviews than any other print company in Southwest Missouri.

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