Direct Mail...The Best Way to Reach Those Who Don't Know YOU

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Direct Mail...The Best Way to Reach Those Who Don't Know YOU

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Benefits of Direct Mail


There’s a reason 8/10 top S&P 500 companies use direct mail. This form of marketing allows businesses to deliver information directly to nearly any type of target group for a low cost.

Direct mail has its benefits:

  • It’s less crowded than online marketing.

  • Each piece of mail typically costs less than a single click in a digital campaign.

  • You can easily measure the campaign’s success with tracking.

  • It’s highly targeted

  • Works well with all forms of media

  • Best way to reach those who don’t know you


Direct Mailing Services

Direct Mailing Services

A Direct Mail Company that Does it All


Our Direct Marketing Strategy

At DPI, we mail in bulk and use our hands on expertise to help you create an effective direct marketing campaign. Our full-service approach will make your direct mail campaign easy to implement.

We won’t just print and mail your campaign. We’ll help you establish the strategy, determine your target audience, and acquire the right direct mailing list. Our talented team can also help with design, writing, and paper selection. Once the details are final, we’ll send your direct marketing campaign off in the mail and track its success. Keep reading to learn more about each service we provide.


Direct Mail Lists

Not all direct mailing lists are created equal. At DPI, we’ll do our best to make sure every single mailer gets into the hands of exactly who you want to reach. We take advantage of the United States Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) program, which allows us to reach every address within targeted carrier routes at reduced rates without the need for additional permits.

We can target each list using the following categories:

• Business vs. Residential

• Demographics - Age, Income, Children, Pets, Owner

• Location down to the specific neighborhood

Design & Writing

A direct mail campaign is only as good as it’s writing and design. Our staff will help you nail down the right phrasing and create looks that inspire. We tailor mailers to each target audience because quality content paired with a quality mailing list delivers results.

We can help you create effective direct mail material including:

• Postcards

• Flyers

• Newsletters

• Personalized Letters



Our high-quality printing services will make your direct mailer stand out. It’s our goal to create personalized mailing pieces that deliver the best results.

In order to help you create the perfect mailer, we can help you by:

• Providing you with multiple paper options

• Print addresses directly on the mail piece

• Customize the look of the address printing

• Personalize each direct mail piece to the recipient

• Create PURL's and QR Codes for tracking campaigns



Our ability to customize your direct mail campaign doesn’t stop at the design.

We are able to deliver the mailers in a variety of ways:

• Door to door

• Via USPS or UPS

• With or without an envelope

• Follow up email campaigns


Ready to Talk About Direct Mailing for Your Business?


Amazing Campaigns DPI Has Helped With

Amazing Campaigns DPI Has Helped With

Successful Direct Mail Campaigns We’ve Helped With

Take a look at our direct marketing examples:

Customer Appreciation Post Card

Direct mail postcards sent to current customers and potential new customers is a great way to increase participation for events.  WCT Farm & Lawn uses direct mail postcards to promote their Customer Appreciation event Direct mail is a great way to begin the conversation since looking at mail is the first thing most people do when they arrive at home.  Direct mail can also multiply conversations by encouraging people to visit a website, QR code or other social media platforms.

Sales Leads

Salespeople make sales when they have people to talk to.  Companies can help increase sales by generating leads to keep salespeople busy.  Seal Smart utilizes direct mail to reconnect with old leads to ‘warm’ them up and generates sales as a result.

Driving Sales

Using direct mail to promote sales events is the key to making your event a success.  Mitchem Jewelers utilized a special scratch off feature with their sales event and drove traffic through the roof.  People wanted in on the excitement to see what their prize or discount could be. 


New Movers Campaign

When people move they need to find new services.  TerraDental utilizes the DPI New Movers Program to bring in new patients every month. Utilizing a special marketing technique provided by DPI they’ve been able to get all the new patients they need at an affordable investment.


Hear What Others are Saying About DPI

We use DPI every year for our direct mail campaign. They provide us a great service for a good value. We would recommend Steve, Laurie, and the team at DPI!
— Laura F, Innovative Resources, Inc.
I totally appreciate DPI’s efforts in tackling my massive product announcement mailing. Laurie does a great job of staying on top of projects and communicating updates to me. DPI is making my marketing efforts really shine this month!
— Traci L, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems
Everyone was very helpful with putting the mailing together and making sure it was exactly what we wanted and going to the people we wanted to market to.
— Patty H, Lazer Perfect
DPI was very professional with our organization’s printing and mailing and did the work in a very timely manner. The cost was also very reasonable.
— Steve M, Technology Education Assoc of Missouri
Everyone at DPI has been great to work with, and [we] would highly recommend them to anyone in need of print and mail services.
— John O, Osborn & Associates
It was such a pleasure working with the team at DPI. Not only did they deliver high-quality prints with a quick turnaround, but they also helped us coordinate the entire direct mailer experience for clients. They are a phenomenal group, and we look forward to future projects!
— Jayme C, Classy Llama Studios

Details About Direct Mail

Details About Direct Mail

How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

Achieving results with a direct mail campaign costs less than you might think. Rather than draining your advertising budget with online campaigns, you can see the same (and often better) success rate with direct mail. In fact, the cost to mail a postcard is less than one click in a digital campaign.

Our direct mailer pricing starts at 50 cents per postcard, which includes printing, postage, and mailing.


Designing it Yourself? Use These Helpful Guides to Get Started.

Mailing Postcards

Direct mail postcards are an affordable yet effective way to help you get the word out about a new product or service.

Download Guide

Direct Mailing Flyers

Flyers stand out among smaller types of mail.

Download Guide

Direct Mailing Mass Letters

A newsletter can help your audience stay up-to-date with your company.

Download Guide


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