Newsletters are effective tools that allow you to maintain contact with some of your most valuable contacts: your existing and future clients. You’ve already concluded that the return on investment of a newsletter makes it more than worth it. Now you must decide if it makes more sense to do it yourself or hire a firm to do it for you.

Here are some things to consider: 

  • Does your schedule allow for another task? If your schedule is already full, adding a newsletter can be daunting. Perhaps you can delegate the task but staying organized and setting deadlines are key.
  • Are you confident in your creative abilities? Keeping your newsletter fresh and creative can be a challenge. If you have a creative idea at lunch or any other time, write it down and keep it for later. You can pull out those little notes when you need inspiration. 
  • Consistency is important. Are you able to deliver a newsletter of good quality at the same time each month? Start small. A one page newsletter is better than no newsletter. If you’re not sure, hiring out may be the better option. 
  • Are you willing to pay for someone else to write your newsletter? In addition to paying a firm for the writing itself, there are also printing, postage, and handling costs. Typical cost is $1-$2 per newsletter sent. In some instances, using one company for the entire newsletter process can be more cost-effective than doing it all yourself. Companies like DPI Printing can bundle the entire package, often saving you time and money. This can be fully customized and personalized as though the entire newsletter is coming right from your company.