Ordering printing can be kind of like going to the dentist, sometimes painful, often a hassle. DPI Printing has worked with our customers to find out what would make this frequent, sometimes urgent and highly demanding task easy.

By developing a custom ordering process that’s a perfect fit for your company, we’ve taken the hassle out of print ordering.  

  • The first step is to find out how you are currently ordering printing in your company.
  • Then we give you five different ways to order printing. Most companies will select one or two methods. We build a system around the ordering process you need so everyone knows exactly what is expected. 
  • Most of our clients prefer to have a custom built web page made for their company.  This is a password-protected webpage with only your products on it.
  • Team members can place orders and re-orders in seconds, any time day or night. If someone tells you they need something ordered, like business cards, letterhead, notecards, brochures, or envelopes everything is already there. All you need to do is check the box, select the amount, and hit order.

Our customers love this simple way of ordering printing. The history of each order is recorded automatically. No more having to call your printer to find out what amount you ordered last time. It’s also a great budgeting tool. We can set this ordering system up by location and cost centers with multiple levels of approval if you need it.

All of this saves you money and time by simplifying the ordering process. It allows departments to order what they need with proper controls in place to reduce waste.  

Our client Penmac utilizes this system for all of their locations in several states. We ship the orders right to each location’s door. It’s simple, easy and cost effective.

 To learn if you can save money using DPi, Let us start with a print audit.