Newsletters: The New Old Marketing Opportunity

A newsletter may seem old fashioned but statistics show that it’s a highly effective marketing tool, especially considering the low cost. Chances are that it’s not very often you receive a personalized letter in the mail these days. This is a unique opportunity to engage with your current and potential customers in a more personal way without resorting to a sales pitch.


We’ve created a course that removes the barriers to creating a newsletter. This course will teach you who should be on your mailing list, what content should be in your letter, and how to easily put it all together. It will also help you decide if you should DIY or outsource your newsletter. Start a newsletter and just wait for the positive feedback. Fill out the form to start this free course that could change the trajectory of your business.


  • Brings top of mind awareness of your company
  • Build a more personal relationship with customers
  • Based on the stats, newsletters work
  • Traditional mail is currently underutilized by most companies
  • It's very likely that your competition is not sending a newsletter. 


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