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Automated Bulk Mail

Why consider automated bulk mailing? The advantage is the tremendous postage savings (up to 50%) compared to first class mail. The Post Office offers postage discounts when some of the work is done for them.
Automated bulk mail requires presorting the mail according to 3 and 5 digit ZIP codes. Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process. The ease of processing allows the Postal Service to charge less postage.

Here is and explanation of the bulk mail process:

We'll take your address database and process it for bulk mail.

Your list must be CASS Certified. CASS is a United States Postal Service (USPS) acronym for Coding Accuracy Support System. The term CASS is widely used by the USPS when they refer to the verification status of an address list. In order for an address list to receive CASS certification, it must be checked against the USPS Address Matching System (AMS) and the 11-digit delivery point ZIP code and corresponding barcode must be added. Only addresses with the delivery point ZIP code and barcode are eligible for "automation" bulk mailing rates.

Your list is also processed with NCOA (National Change of Address) software. This is now a requirement for bulk mail. The software will identify and change automatically any addresses on your list that have been filed with the Post Office for change of address.

We also check for any exact duplications your list may have.

Once your list has been processed, your addresses along with the correct barcode will be applied to your printed pieces. Then they will be bundled properly, put in trays or sacks and delivered to the Post Office.

DPI maintains the most up to date postal software, ensuring your mail will be processed for the best possible discounts.
Your mail piece must also meet certain guidelines set by the USPS, in regard to size restrictions (length, width, and thickness), weight restrictions, and design/layout requirements.

At DPI, we stay up on the latest regulations from the Post Office so you can rest assured your mailing will pass inspection every time!

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Tab Sealing

Tabs (also called wafer seals) prevent the open edge of your mailer from jamming the Postal Service's high-speed processing equipment.
A requirement of the USPS, all self-mailers must have the correct number, size and placement of tabs.
Our mailing services department can apply tabs required, easily as part of our inline mail processing capabilities.
We have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your self-mail piece has the proper size and placement of tabs to comply with the USPS rules.
We use translucent tabs, so your design will not be covered.
If you are considering using a self-mailer, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Mailing Lists

When sending out a direct mail piece, you will need a mailing list.
Typically this list can come from your current database of customers and/or prospects. What database (or portions of it) you use depends on who you are marketing to and what your goal is with the piece you are mailing out.

When you wish to target specific groups of people or a particular type of prospect, then it becomes necessary to rent or purchase a mailing list.
Your goal with this is to find a list with names that you feel could be prospects for what you have to offer. The key is to give some thought to who your ideal buyer is and then go after a list that will have a high percentage of that kind of prospect in it.

There is a lot of information you can request when purchasing or renting a list:

  • Geography – area where the list names are located

  • Age – helpful with age related products

  • Home Ownership – this qualifies the list for several related purposes

  • Household Income – especially helpful with larger purchase products

Too often the list itself is overlooked as a key element in a direct mail campaign. That’s why it's important to engage a direct mail expert, such as DPI, to help. We will find just the right list for your direct mail campaign.
For more information, give us a call at 417-881-5309

Every Door Direct Mailing

Another direct mail option is the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program (EDDM).
It means every mailbox in a specific location receives what you are sending. You do not need a mailing list. There are no personal names or addresses on the mail piece, instead it will typically say something like 'Postal Customer'.
You choose the area to mail to, by neighborhood, zip code or city. You can mail to specific city or rural routes. The USPS offers a special map to help choose the specific areas you want to mail to.

Some of the benefits of EDDM:

  • No mailing list required. This saves the cost of maintaining or purchasing a list.

  • Small mailings can be quickly produced. Most city carrier routes are 300-600 addresses. By eliminating the time to gather a mail list and address the mail piece, and by using digital equipment for printing the mail piece, a small mailing can be in the hands of prospective customers in just a few days.

  • EDDM mails as a flat size. This gives you more room to design an effective, eye catching message. And the larger size means your mail gets noticed in your prospect's mailbox.

  • The mailing panel can be very small. Since there are no requirements for a barcode placement and the mail does not go through normal mail processing, there is more room for your message.

  • You can mail to residential dwellings and businesses.

  • Your mail piece will be in a better condition when it is delivered. Regular mail must be run through the USPS mailing equipment, which can damage or mark your mail piece. But the EDDM mail skips this step, keeping your design beautiful.

  • At DPI, we are the experts for Every Door Direct Mail in the Springfield area.
    Give us a call today for more information, 417-881-5309.

Non-Profit Mailing

While there is not a non-profit 1st class discount rate, there is a significant standard bulk mail discount, a savings of 40% on postage.
Too much money is wasted by nonprofits each year simply because they are not aware of this, or they have not taken the time to complete and submit the required paperwork to qualify.

Many, but not all, nonprofits are eligible for reduced bulk mail postage rates from the U.S. Postal Service. Your organization must meet certain eligibility requirements, submit an application, and receive an authorization from the USPS where you will be doing your mailings. This is a free service and can take up to 4 weeks to become approved to mail at non-profit postage rates.

There are also requirements for your mail. Get a copy of form 3624, available from your postmaster or your local business mail entry unit.
DPI mails for many non-profit organizations in the Springfield area. For more information, give us a call at 417-881-5309

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