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Email Marketing

Developing an effective email campaign pays great dividends if done properly. Every company and organization should use email marketing to develop more business and to effectively and economically communicate with clients and prospects.
DPI works with clients to develop best practices for email marketing and gain the best results.
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Variable Data and PURLs

People are more likely to open and read mail which is personalized to them. It raises the level of curiosity.
Personalization can be as simple as "Hi John, we've got a special deal for you"

However, with digital technology, personalization is taken to a whole new level:

Variable Data Printing (VDP)allows elements such as graphics, text and images to be changed from one piece to the next. This enables you to be more intentional about your marketing strategy by providing a way to personalize any printed piece. Different versions of the same printed piece can be automatically printed on a digital press.
For example, a postcard direct mail piece could be printed in one color for men and a different color for women.

PURLs take VDP one step further. A personalized URL (PURL) is a unique and personalized Landing Page created especially for each recipient of your direct mail or email marketing campaign.
The premise is fairly simple. When you add a PURL to a print or email marketing campaign, each recipient will receive their own unique website link, associated with their specific account or contact information.

Somewhere on a print piece, such as a postcard, flyer, or newsletter, the PURL will appear as a printed personalized website address. [For an email campaign, it will be a clickable link.] In both print and email, the address is unique to each recipient, so no two are the same.

When the customer clicks on or types in their unique url, the website they are linking to will use that PURL to identify the visitor and deliver personalized content targeted specifically to them.

PURLs are really the ultimate marketing tool. They are an effective way to connect with customers on a very personal level. As such, they're good for verifying and updating customer information, presenting highly targeted offers, and eliciting feedback. Purls measure tracking and click-through rates for a marketing campaign.

Top brands use PURLs all the time. You can too! Want to learn more?
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Sales Process Management

Currently companies with salespeople find a challenge with the cost of generating leads and proper follow-up procedures.
Salespeople complain that leads are “BAD” and marketing complains the sales people are “LAZY” and do not work very hard at qualifying the leads. Faced with the need to grow revenue and the expense for lead acquisition, this causes many companies to abandon any lead generating method or even worse, throw more money at it hoping “something will work.”. This leaves the company dependent on the success or failure of salespeople to prospect and in essence, go it alone. This is not the process most company leaders want to base their success on.

Here’s how DPI Consulting Group can help you:

DPI Consulting Group works with companies and organizations to first understand the diverse opinions, expectations and breakdowns occurring within your current sales process. Then we make proven recommendations that come from industry standards and other recommendations that are unique to your product and service culture.
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Direct Mail Marketing

Newer technologies and distribution channels have made some people question the effectiveness of direct mail marketing in today's business world. But smart marketers continue to find success using direct mail. A recent study from MarketingSherpa found that 79% of more than 1000 marketing professionals questioned still consider direct mail to be effective or very effective marketing.

And why not? Done properly, direct mail marketing can deepen customer loyalty and increase front-of-mind awareness for a company and its brand.

When you're ready to launch a direct mail campaign, we can help. We're experts at creating super-successful direct mail materials that "wow" customers and prospects alike.

From creative concepting and eye-catching design, to expert production, mailing list curation, and efficient, effective distribution, we can manage your direct mail project every step of the way. Whatever the goal, we'll help you get the word out and succeed.

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