Newsletters are effective tools that allow you to maintain contact with some of your most valuable contacts: your existing and previous customers. They will remind people that your business still exists, and that you can easily be reached. Likewise, newsletters serve to inform clients about new products and services.

How do you keep in touch with customers and prospects? You call them on the phone, send them an email, or maybe drop by their office. But these methods don’t always work. 

Finding creative and effective ways to stay in touch is not easy but the printed newsletter is one of the best ways.  Why?

  • Newsletters allow you to keep in touch without seeming pushy. Most people like to receive mail. Even at the office most people sort through their mail on a daily basis.  A printed and mailed newsletter ensures that your company is thought about and read about at least once a month.
  •  Unlike emails or updates on social networks, which can easily be lost in spam and overcrowded newsfeeds, newsletters are always there, providing unlimited visibility for your brand.
  •  People usually hang onto a newsletter. They sometimes share information they find interesting from the newsletter. When people receive your newsletter, they perceive it to be informational. Unlike a sales letter or other forms of follow up, it can break through the clutter and get your message across.

Being creative with your newsletter will also help you stay top of mind with clients and prospects.  Consider offering contests, puzzles, and other forms of engagement.  These additions are valuable because the reader wants to see the outcome by reading the next newsletter, which will announce the winner or provide the answers to the puzzle or trivia questions.  

The ultimate goal of a newsletter is to create a bridge between you and your customer. You do this with timely, helpful, and entertaining information delivered regularly in an easy to read format.