Print costs represent from 2-5% of a company’s overall budget according to the Aberdeen Study Group. Many companies have either never reviewed their print purchasing process or it has been several years since they’ve done so. 

7 sure-fire ways to reduce printing costs

  1. Create company wide print guidelines so everyone knows the rules for ordering printing
  2. Use standard paper sizes to reduce paper waste
  3. Plan the timing of your jobs to gain volume pricing
  4. Track your order history to identify trends for cost savings
  5. Standardize the paper you use to create savings and consistency
  6. Avoid last minute rush charges with proper planning
  7. Utilize different kinds of presses to match the job with the best printing press

DPI has the experience and knowledge to help you implement these 7 steps so you don’t feel like you have to do it all on your own.
We can provide you with a print audit of your current print needs and develop a system wide solution that will provide you with a consistent ordering process, controls to protect your brand, and significant savings of up to 20% annually.

Need Help Reducing Costs and Improving Quality?